Rhino Headers Introduction

A 15 minute comprehensive introduction to Rhino engineered steel headers.

Continuing Education

"One Big Hole in The Wall" An accredited AIA CEU through Hanleywood University.

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Rhino Blog Updates

The Cost of Quality

4/14/2017 | by Steve Konkle

By Glenn Cottrell What Is the Cost Of Quality – Or Call-Backs? A 25-year veteran of the housing industry with a focus on building and operations performance makes the case for investing in good quality up front instead of paying for bad quality later. You hear and read all the time that you can’t quantify quality. It’s an ethic, […]

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Rhino Headers Develops American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Course, “The Hole in The Wall”, in conjunction with Hanleywood University

12/7/2016 | by Steve Konkle

The AIA CEU “The Hole in The Wall” is a study in improved energy efficiency in the header space of exterior walls for residential construction. KIRKLAND, WA (PRWEB) DECEMBER 07, 2016 Rhino Steel Corporation, in conjunction with Hanleywood University, has launched a continuing education course for the American Institute of Architects called “The Hole in The Wall”. […]

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Rhino Steel Corporation Announces Second U.S. Manufacturing Partnership

12/1/2016 | by Steve Konkle

Rhino Steel Corporation, makers of Rhino engineered steel headers, finalizes their second U.S. manufacturing partnership, positioning the company for rapid projected growth with the residential construction industry through 2017 and beyond. Kirkland, Washington (PRWEB) December 01, 2016 — Rhino Steel Corporation announces that they have finalized their second U.S. manufacturing partnership for their new patent […]

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Why are Rhinos Green?

8/24/2016 | by Steve Konkle

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines green construction as “the practice of creating structures using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.”  Rhino Headers not only facilitate more energy efficient framing but virtually eliminate the natural resource waste inherent with the use of large dimensional or engineered wood headers. Rhino Headers allow builders to […]

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Give Your Architect a Thermal Break!

7/27/2016 | by Steve Konkle

From sheathing, to wraps, insulation and coatings, architects and engineers continue to seek innovative solutions to the age old challenge of thermal bridging. Traditionally the residential building industry has used solid wood or engineered wood headers above exterior windows and doors, which are not only heavy and difficult to handle, but create a thermal bridge […]

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