Step-by-step Instructions


Choose Header Type

Choose which Rhino header you need for your rough opening size. Headers are sized for most common rough openings:

  • SH3 is for a 0" – 40" opening.
  • SH4 is for a 0" – 52" opening.
  • SH5 is for a 0" – 64" opening.
See our span tables or use our online calculator if needed.


Center Header

Center the header on your bottom chord (it is not required for headers to be centered, but most framers prefer to center).


Attach Header

Using a positive-placement nail gun, or palm nailer, attach the header to the bottom wood chord using 10d joist hanger nails driven through all pre-drilled guide holes.


Install Header


Fur Down


And you're done!

Tilt up your wall assembly with lightweight Rhino headers and be thankful for such a great product!